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Spam, Harassment, and IP Loggers, Oh My!

Attention to those arriving here as a result of vicious rumors spread by Lipizzaner-Kgirl: Please take a moment to read THIS before you threaten/harass me, or attempt to flood the Help Desk with reports that will be dismissed. Else, carry on with your blessed day and thanks for visiting! :>


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Tipsy is an alcoholic Felis margarita.
Her bffl is Sulfide the striped hyena.
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Dispelling Rumors (Raffle Winner)

Sun Aug 23, 2015, 10:55 AM by FelisTipsy:iconfelistipsy:

UPDATE III: dragontamer155 is the winner of the raffle and has chosen to donate the funds to The Wildlife Society! Her chosen animal was the Siberian tiger! Tiger La la la la Thank you all for helping to raise so much money for such a great cause! You guys are awesome!

Money pledged: $82

Here are our receipts for the donation. c:

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It is with great hesitance and even greater caution that I publish this journal, but I feel I have few options left given the level of viciousness to which this situation has escalated. In my nearly six years on DeviantART, only two individuals were ever acrimonious and vindictive enough to drive me to writing a journal. Today makes three. And I've held my tongue long enough. I'm in the middle of sickness and a family crisis, and I frankly have no patience left for this garbage Internet drama, so I'm putting it to rest.

It's no secret that I've made a lot of enemies for standing by the facts and, by extension, my friends. In a world where many people allow their emotions to cloud their judgement, science doesn't make me a lot of friends. But those who have found me through related conflict have proven to be some of the most reliable and dear friends I've ever made, some of which I've had the great privilege of meeting in real life! So many of you faithfully stuck with me through the BHB incident and I'm now asking you to bear with me through this. For the last two weeks or so, Lipizzaner-Kgirl (referred to henceforth as LK) has been using her time on this site to spread malicious rumors about me nonstop in order to damage my standing in the community, even going after my friends and watchers. Thus far, her fear mongering has had a minimal effect, but I feel that given the severity of the allegations against me, it would be wise to finally speak up in my own defense. For all LK's claims that she was "above" slandering my name publicly, she did it anyway and is still doing it. I'm allowed a response in kind with the exception that I will tell the truth and offer evidence of my claims.

The issue first began when sulfide approached LK on one of her "info"graphics about feral horses. If you know anything about Sulfide, you know that he has a nose for sniffing out bullshit, especially as it relates to wildlife conservation. Needless to say, he served up LK on a silver platter, but LK had no intention of "losing" a debate to anyone and blocked Sulfide instead of continuing what began as a civil exchange of ideas. In response to her cowardly censoring, Sulfide uploaded a stamp regarding the topic they'd been debating, dismantling and debunking LK's arguments entirely. Thus began her personal vendetta. LK made two stamps in response, but this wasn't enough for her. She handles criticism of her opinions very poorly. She resorted to leaving spam comments on the profiles of people who commented on Sulfide's stamp, shamelessly using their pages to advertise one of her "rebuttal" stamps and attacking Sulfide personally to try and turn people against him, claiming she wanted people to hear "her side of the story." (Remember this quote!)

We knew she was watching every comment Sulfide made, every comment others made on his stamps, and God only knows what else. We intended to prove the severity and frequency of her stalking behavior, and the lengths she would go to keep attacking Sulfide by baiting her out of the shield she created for herself when she blocked him. Sulfide left a comment on his own stamp warning future commentators that LK would likely try to contact them with the aforementioned spam comment and ad hominem attacks. The bait worked. LK created a sockpuppet account called SulphuricThunder the same day to respond to the warning. Yes, instead of unblocking Sulfide on her main account, she intended to create the illusion of peer validation by making another account. Seeing that the account "joined today!", and that the account's very first activity was jumping right into LK's conflict, Sulfide blocked it. After this, LK finally unblocked Sulfide on her main account to continue contacting him. Per the site rules, this is considered harassment. You're not allowed to keep contacting someone after they've blocked you.

This is where I came in. I've been using a web traffic monitoring tool on my DeviantART profile page since 2012 called StatCounter. It collects visitor information such as IP addresses, cities, countries, service providers, browsers, and operating systems. Only I can see it. I'm able to match the information in the log with the visits recorded by the Visitors widget offered by DeviantART, and thus identify people every time they visit. If I don't label the visitor within two weeks, their information expires and is no longer available to me. In summation, I only keep the information I think I'll need. I originally installed it to keep tabs on a certain person who made a habit of harassing me a long time ago, but it proved to be so useful that I kept it. Since then, I've used my IP logger to help the staff catch at least three ban-evaders and two block-evaders. This has always been and will always be its primary purpose, and I've always been open about its presence on my page. I take harassment very seriously and report it to the Help Desk when it is called for. Though LK had previously made attempts to drag my name through the mud, I finally entered the fray to help my friend.

LK visited my profile page with the SulphuricThunder sockpuppet account. Initially, the account's activity was public, and so, I was able to match the visit in the dA widget with that of the visiting data in my log. The next step was getting her to visit my profile page from her main account. A third party sent her main account a note with a very unique link to my profile, a unique link that later showed up in my IP logger. The IP addresses were the same. The moment we called her out on this, she went into damage control mode, claiming that the alternate account was just her cousin and immediately hid the account's activity. When you've been around as long as I have, you've heard the "it was my cousin" line several times, usually in an attempt to alleviate embarrassment caused by doing something stupid. If this were true, it would be even more repugnant than if she'd done it herself. This would mean that she deliberately got him involved, that she used him to further a conflict he had no part in. Either way, it makes her despicable, spiteful, and obsessive.

Around this time, I suspect LK sent in a ticket to the Help Desk about me showing people that she was using two accounts to harass Sulfide. Based on her own words, I'm guessing the staff dismissed her ticket. When she didn't get the result she wanted, she blamed their lack of action on me being a paying member of DeviantART, even going so far as to insinuate that I've bribed the staff. I could have a paid seven year membership, but if her claims had any ounce of truth to them, I'd be suspended or banned now. But, as you can see, I'm not. Not getting her way only sent her into an increasingly feverish tantrum.

One trademark of a narcissist is an extreme reaction to criticism, something LK has displayed vehemently through this entire sequence of events. She sent a mass of notes out to her 200+ watchers, who most likely had no idea that she had even gotten into an argument with someone, and claimed that I was stealing her personal information and that of everyone who visited my page, that I "doxxed" her, that I was "known to hack people," referring to me as an "online predator" who "preys on" people with different opinions, someone you and all your friends needed to tell everyone to avoid. More recently, she's blamed me for chain scam notes she's received, scaring people through notes about that as well. She even encouraged all these people to flood the Help Desk with tickets about me because hers didn't succeed, which is also against the rules. But it doesn't even stop there. She sent similar notes to people who own groups, requesting that they use the groups platform to spread her slander further. LK was determined to make sure that the harassment never ends.

Someone who received one of these notes, who has requested anonymity, publicly approached me with questions. This prompted LK, who was still stalking Sulfide's stamp comments, to send her another note. The person forwarded me what LK said to them and explained that LK was offended that they dared to seek the other side of the story. (Remember that quote?) Ironic, right? Most people like to call this "do as I say, not as I do." LK holds others to standards she won't hold herself to, and that she became upset by this was incredibly suspicious. It screams "guilt."

As a result of LK's guerrilla slander tactics, I've been a target of her watchers' harassment and I've had a slew of journals written about me with a copypaste of her note. And these are just the ones I've been able to find:

Guys []BIG WARNING[] CyberstalkerI became a note for that person mabey you too
pls read it
WARNING cyberstalker Hey Watcher []BIG WARNING[] CyberstalkerI became a note for that person mabey you too
pls read it

Warning Cyberstalker alertThanks for the heads up Cesilfei
Serious matters!
EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND READ THISAs one of my watchers and someone I care about, I've come to warn you. Do NOT under any circumstances (unless the help desk themselves tells you to) visit FelisTipsy's page. She has an IP logger and can obtain the IP address of anyone who visits her page. This is very much against DA ediquette policy, but DA is reluctant to address the situation because FelisTipsy is a paying member with a Core account. The only way we can get this addressed is to get as many people as possible to report FelisTipsy for cyberstalking, cyber-harassment, and doxxing (stealing an IP address.) These bullies have gotten away with far too much and they need to face the staff. Tell your friends that FelisTipsy is a stalker and must be reported.
When reporting, use this comment:

Cyberstalker AlertSeeing as how :iconAlpha-gamer666:'s journal got deleted, I'm going to have to reblog from :iconlipizzaner-kgirl:.

Thus far, my friends and I have been able to talk maybe ten people into removing their journals. But, again, these are just the ones I've found.

I sent an inquiry into the Help Desk regarding whether or not my actions, LK's ultracrepidarian smear campaign, or these journals crossed any administrative boundaries. In doing so, the staff have vindicated me of any wrongdoings. They've also confirmed that the people promoting the message in these journals, including LK herself, don't understand what IP addresses are and how they work. In other words, she feigned victimization and manufactured panic for sympathy. And for all of LK's kicking and screaming that the staff have sided with her, she has yet to provide any proof. I, however, will share the outcome of my ticket:

Her latest bid to get people to believe her is by taking screenshots of the Danasoft IP address sign on my profile page to attempt to "prove" that the accounts belong to two different people. What I find so interesting about this is that she has accused me of "fabricating" my screenshots, and all the while, she expects everyone to believe that hers are 100% truthful. The fact is that all she would have to do to provide a different IP address on another visit is disconnect her phone from a WiFi connection, travel a few miles up the road, use a proxy, or have a friend send a screenshot of their IP address as it appears on the sign. Worse still, she's suspiciously decided to change her mind about claiming the second account belongs to her cousin. It now allegedly belongs to a "friend." And they weren't at a "family reunion" as she initially claimed, but rather, visiting for a "holiday." Her original story has changed so many times, I'm not sure how she expects to convince me, or anyone else for that matter, that she's not lying.

On the subject of changing stories... When she finally figured out that her original story about the IP logger didn't mean diddly squat to the staff, she then tried to zero in on the only piece of information made available by the screenshot of my IP log: the city she was in. This is the last thing she has to cling to in her effort to make me look bad, and is currently her primary talking point. Unfortunately for her, she has made conflicting claims that my log's information is inaccurate, therefore negating her own allegations of "doxxing." So much for that, right? To top it all off, DeviantART itself doesn't consider city names to be personal information. If I had released her postal address, however, that would be a serious violation of the rules. But I didn't. And here we are.

My friends and I know what kind of person I am. That's what matters to me. LK, however, has proven herself a fantastic liar and emotional manipulator, and an old pro at pretending to be a victim. She has only forced this situation to escalate to this point because she's bitter that someone exposed her, when all she had to do was admit that she was wrong and walk away. Literally almost no one knew about the original spat between her and Sulfide until she began trying to rally people against him. She tried to humiliate someone else and her plan rightfully backfired.

To those of you who will comment here, I warn you that she and/or her friends will contact you, they will lie to you, and they will try to turn you against me any way they know how. LK will attempt to inject doubt. Deception is her craft. Find confidence in the fact that she has not once come forward with any irrefutable evidence of her grandiose claims. This is a case of literally only her words versus thorough documentation. LK has stated that she wants us to "let it go" and that she wants to "get on with her life." With as eager as she is to spread rumors, she must not want it that badly. One shouldn't smack a hornet's nest and wonder why they got stung.

I'm here to share my art, some opinions, and make friends. Nothing more, nothing less. But I will never back down from defending my friends from people who would harass them as LK has, and I will use every tool at my disposal to cripple their efforts.

My request of you, reader, is simple: Always question what you're told and find your own conclusion. I've had the pleasure of making delightful conversation with a few people as a result of this conflict, people LK originally intended to turn against me, and I'm grateful to them for their open-mindedness and courage to ask questions. That said, I'm willing and able to answer any and all questions you have about me, IP loggers, DeviantART policy, or any other related topics. No holds barred. To those of you visiting me as a result of LK's vicious messages, please, don't be afraid to visit my page or talk to me. I welcome the opportunity to make even more life-changing friends through conflict. Heart

And to LK, who I know will read this, I'm not leaving you without an exit. I will remove this journal, the notice on my profile, and revoke public access to the comment where I've called you out for using two accounts under the following conditions:

  • Publicly apologize to me and Sulfide for your lies about us, and publicly admit that you do not understand how IP addresses work or what they represent
  • Delete/hide any and all references, named or not, to myself in all of your public-facing submissions to DeviantART (eg., deviation descriptions, journals, comments), and refrain from making mention of me in the future
  • Request the deletion of the journals you encouraged others to write about me

I'm not asking you to do anything you can't do. I've spoken my piece. The ball is in your court now, but given your history, I don't expect you to take any corrective action.

Stay safe and stay alert, friends! Peace

Heart Border [Blue/Green/Yellow] by RevPixy


UPDATE I: LK has vowed that for every comment defending me against her outlandish accusations, she will donate 50¢ to The Cloud Foundation, an animal organization akin to the HSUS in that it squanders most of its money on promotional material and doesn't do much good. She is more than free to waste her money, but from this bastion of negativity, I'd like to propose a more positive counter-challenge!

Comment here with your favorite endangered animal and you will automatically be entered into a raffle. Every comment represents $1 that can be donated to one of three organizations: Protect the Harvest, The Wildlife Society, and the Society for Range Management. These organizations all support biological diversity and proper wildlife management in the United States. If your number is drawn for the raffle, you will decide which organization the money goes to. Floating

UPDATE II: The raffle will be held on Tuesday, September 1st! Claim your chance to enter while you still can! If you would like to pledge some of your own money in addition to the $1 I'll be donating on your behalf, please let me know and I'll update the pledge total. When it comes time to donate, I'll post instructions on how to send in your extra donation. Heart


Had a really rough health day, but sulfide made it better by suprising me with pizza and breadsticks from all the way across the country! Thank you! ♡

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How can anyone be upset about #core when you get a dragon ball next to your username?
I'm gonna cry. I just hit the literature deviation size limit AGAIN.
Not even halfway finished with this special volume of Derad Khajiit, and I've surpassed the file size limit for literature deviations. WHYYYYYYY.

When you come home and the entire first floor of your house is flooded.


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